Books and booklets

The following books and booklets give an overview of some of the research and design advice produced by Michael Rotter.

Rotter, J.M. (2001) “Guide for the Economic Design of Circular Metal Silos”, Spon, London, 235pp. ISBN 0-419-23460-8224.

Teng, J.G. and Rotter, J.M. (eds) (2004) “Buckling of Thin Metal Shells”, Spon, London, ISBN 0-419-24190-6.

Rotter J.M. and Schmidt, H. (eds) (2008) “Stability of Steel Shells: European Design Recommendations: Fifth Edition 2008″, Publication P125, European Convention for Constructional Steelwork, Brussels, Oct. 2008, 384 pp, ISBN 92-9147-000-92

Trahair, N.S., Abel, A., Ansourian, P., Irvine, H.M. and Rotter, J.M. (1983) “Structural Design of Steel Bins for Bulk Solids”, Australian Institute of Steel Construction, Sydney, Australia.

Rotter, J.M. (1985) Ed. “Design of Steel Bins for the Storage of Bulk Solids”, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, ISBN 0-86758-174-3, 242pp.

Gorenc, B.E., Hogan, T.J. and Rotter, J.M. (1986) (eds) “Guidelines for the Assessment of Loads on Bulk Solids Containers”, Institution of Engineers, Australia, 1986.

Rotter, J.M. (1985) (ed) Proceedings, Joint US/Australian Workshop on the Loading, Analysis and Stability of Thin Shell Bins, Tanks and Silos, Joint NSF/ADST, University of Sydney, March 1985.